Massive push for Shocka-Con Australia

With over 12 months before the inaugural staging of Shocka-Con Australia it has been of no surprise to many that things have been quiet on the news front, and with many things in the works behind the scenes it has been hard to discuss and announce to our fans some of the exciting events that are happening.

While these discussions continue, and DIGITALIEN – the organizers behind Shocka-Con Australia are expecting to be able to make an announcement in the coming weeks it was important to touch base with those out there who have supported the event from the beginning.

Digitalien, on behalf of its event Shocka-Con Australia have notified the Monte Cristo Homestead – who were due to host the inaugural staging of our event – of our intentions to move the location of the inaugural event. This is primarily due to the amount of interest we have had by the general public, and the professionals who wanted to be part of this historic event,” Digitalien Spokesman Brendon Meynell said.

“For the safety of our patrons, and to ensure that there was enough space to carry out our plans, and to cause the least damage to the picturesque grounds of the Monte Cristo Homestead the decision was made to look elsewhere to stage the inaugural Shocka-Con event.”

“As such we have touched base with councils and governments across Australia and New Zealand to find the most suitable location to host our event,”

However, the event has been handed a very unique opportunity that organizers are now also investigating.

“We started out with Shocka-Con Australia, and this will no doubt be our long term aim. However, we can confirm that we are now in discussions with a State Government to conduct a much larger scale event – which will run under the ‘adopted’ banner before being rebranded as Shocka-Con Australia in future years,”

“At the moment Digitalien, on behalf of Shocka-Con Australia are investigating the options available, in conjunction with what support the State Government, Government Agencies, potential host locations, all have to offer and what will ultimately offer the best experience for our supporters.”

Register for Shock Treatment and WIN!

To celebrate the launch of our new look website, designed by Sinister Visions Inc., and in association with our friends at Hidden Characters Shocka-Con Australia are pleased to announce that they are giving away copies of Don’t Breathe, and Oujia: Origin of Evil with everyone who signs up to our new newsletter ‘Shock Treatment’ going in the running to win.

Shock Treatment is a new newsletter established by Shocka-Con Australia and is aimed at providing supporters up to date information over the coming twelve months relating to Australia and New Zealand’s Premier Horror and Paranormal Convention.

This will include information on Exhibition Guests, some of the fun events that are being planned and those who have signed up to Shock Treatment will have the ability to purchase advanced tickets as they go on sale in the new year.

Shock Treatment is not scheduled, however will be sent when there is new and/or breaking news in relation to the event.

All supporters who sign up to Shock Treatment will be entered into the running to win the Don’t Breathe or Oujia: Origin of Evil DVDs.

“It’s important to note that while our website it up, we still have more information to be going up but this is a fantastic step forward for our convention,” Shocka-Con Australia planner Brendon Meynell said.

Sinister twist for SCA

Information continues to get added to the Shocka-Con Australia website after work on the design of it was completed by Sinister Visions Inc.

From the basic start up website that Shocka-Con Australia originally launched with preliminary discussions with Sinister Visions Inc. founder Chad Savage showed that for an event that is billed as the Premier Horror and Paranormal Convention in Australia and New Zealand a new, fresh, and stand out look needed to be achieved.

After weeks of work, Sinister Visions Inc. and Shocka-Con Australia are pleased to be releasing the new look website that will take the convention into the future and help build it up over the next 18-months before the inaugural event will be taking place next October.

“The website looks fantastic and really gives us our own little slice on the internet,” Shocka-Con Australia organizer Brendon Meynell said.

“Chad has done an awesome job and has really shown why he is the ‘go to’ guy for anyone involved in the Dark Arts and Horror,”

While information is still being placed on the website supporters of the event can now look forward to updated information, and announcements coming thick and fast to further enhance the information available on the website.

“We have been working on many things however with something along these lines you only get one chance at a first impression – and now we have the opportunity to make that impression when we contact potential guests.”

Supporters are suggested to sign up to the Shocka-Con Australia newsletter Shock Treatment to be kept up to date with the information as it comes to hand.

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