Costume Capers

Costume Capers

A Convention isn’t a Convention without a costume contest is it? And that’s why we are pleased to announce Costume Capers. Although we are still 18 months away from Shocka-Con Australia launching it is never too early to start planning what you are going to wear – and this adds extra pressure on those wardrobe selections.

Entry Rules & Conditions

  • Official Entry Forms for Costume Capers will be available to download on the Shocka-Con Australia website from January 1 2018 – there may also be some registration forms available at the main entry to Shocka-Con Australia (if there are openings remaining). If registering as a group, please only fill out one (1) form for the entire group. Please give the group name;
  • Check the final schedule for prejudging and contest time. If you miss prejudging, you are not eligible to a costume contest award;
  • Youth (13 and under) will be a separate contest. Youth will not be pre-judged;
  • Winners will be announced after they walk across the judging stage;
  • All entries must be registered for the convention, and have their badges clearly displayed during contest sign-in and judging;
  • Reference pictures are highly encouraged for judging. They are not mandatory;
  • Please, no nudity, or potential “wardrobe malfunctions”. If your costume is determined to be too skimpy, or inappropriate for the contest, you will be asked to cover the offending portion before participating in the contest. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and possible ejection from the convention;
  • Made costumes are eligible – and in fact encouraged for the contest. 50 percent of the costume must be made by you. Costumes purchased as-is (store brought) are ineligible for winning a prize in the costume contest, but you can still walk on stage. If it is determined during judging that your costume was not made in any part by your or a member of your group, your entry will be disqualified. (Our judges will recognize a purchased costume. Please, don’t risk it.)
  • Contestants can only enter in one category, individual or Group;
  • If costume is not self contained, the wearer may bring a handler, but the convention will not provide anyone to assist;
  • THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE PROHIBITED ONSTAGE: Open Flame, Flash Power/Paper, Lasters (pens, sites, etc.), Messy substances (i.e. fake blood, silly string, etc…), Strobe effects, Projectiles of any nature.


Judging will be done using four factors: Use of Materials, Accuracy to Reference, Attention to Detail and Completeness.

If your costume is an original design, you may still enter the contest, but you will only be eligible for the “Judges Award” or “ShockaAward for Most Unique Costume”.


Judges will be announced closer to Shocka-Con Australia.

  1. The magnificent Mel from Something a Little Unique by Mel;

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