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Bill Chappell


Bill Chappell is known for his work on The Possessed (2009), Ghost Adventures (2008) and Always Looking North: The Carroll County, Georgia Confederate Monument (2010). He is the founder of Digital Dowsing – the worlds leading paranormal and ghost hunting equipment designers – and will be on hand at Shocka-Con Australia to showcase his highest selling products, newest products and what is in the works.


Jack Tessier founded the Australian Cryptozoology Research Organisation in 2015 and have documented multiple accounts of mystery animals in Australia, Jack is an author of an upcoming book titled Cryptozoological Encounters of Australia
and has travelled along the East Coast of Australia on expeditions into mystery animals.


Murray Byfield is one of, if not, Australia’s leading expert and regular media “go to guy” when discussing the unexplainable events within Australia. For over a decade he has run and operated the Unexplained Australia website and will be at Shocka-Con Australia to discuss his research, captured evidence and to share stories with you about his work.


Aaron Sterns is the co-writer of Wolf Creek 2 (Best Screenplay Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival 2014), and author of the prequel novel Wolf Creek: Origin (AHWA Australian Shadows Award winner). He is one of Australia’s leading horror screenwriters.

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