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The quaint Southern New South Wales town of Junee (population 4,400) will have its usual, tranquil, lifestyle shaken to its core as it becomes the horror capital of Australia with the inaugural staging of Shocka-Con Australia – Australia and New Zealand’s Premier Horror and Paranormal Convention – taking place on the Grounds of the historic Monte Cristo Homestead – Australia’s Most Haunted Homestead.

The Homestead, situation on 2 1/2 acres, was originally developed on by Christopher William Crawley in 1876. Mr Crawley, his wife Elizabeth, and their seven children (who survived to adulthood) resided at the Monte Cristo Homestead until 1948.

Mr Crawley died at the Monte Cristo Homestead on the 14th December 1910 – at the age of 69 – from heart failure caused by a carbuncle on his neck which became infected by his starched collars.

It is believed his wife Elizabeth only left the homestead on two occasions in the 23-years following his death before she too died in the Homestead, from heart failure caused by a burst appendix, on the 12th August 1933 at the age of 92.

The contents of the property were sold at auction in 1952 before the property remained dormant and abandoned at the mercy of weather and vandals.

Damaged, and just a shell of the former Victorian-styled homestead that once overlooked the township the property was purchased in 1963 by the current owners – the late – Reg and Olive Ryan.

The couple undertook the task to restore the Monte Cristo, named as meaning ‘The Mount of Crist’, once more to its former elegance and comfort.

It took just three days for strange things to begin happening to the Ryans’ and their family members. Which has laid the foundations for thousands of reports that have followed in the years since.

Local and International Paranormal Investigators have investigated these claims and undertaken their own paranormal investigations with many, most notably ‘Ghost Hunters International’ declaring the property as ‘Haunted’.

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